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Individual Oral Commentary

Weighting: 15%
Students are required to engage in a critical examination of a particular extract drawn from a work that has been studied in Part 4 of the course. The individual oral commentary allows students to analyze the relationship between formal elements and meaning in a particular literary text. The nature and emphasis of the commentary requires students to undertake a literary analysis of the extract chosen. In all cases, the students should aim to explore significant aspects of the extract, showing knowledge and understanding of the extract and its use and effects of literary features. 

Learning Goals for Part 4: Literature Critical Study
  • Explore literary works in detail. Points to be considered could include:
    • understanding the explicit and implicit meanings in a text
    • identifying and situating a text or an extract in the context of a larger work 
    • responding to the key features of texts such as language, characterization and structure
  • Analyse elements such as theme and the ethical stance or moral values of literary texts. Issues to be considered could include:
    • identify the evidence in the text for a particular stance
    • consider point of view in different literary genres
  • Understand and make appropriate use of literary terms. Examples could include:
    • imagery
    • persona
    • tone
    • metaphor
    • irony

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